Dr. Long Wang

PostDoc - 2020.10 to 2023.10

Phosphorus is an essential plant nutrient, which participates in all metabolic processes in plants. Due to the easy fixation by soil, nearly 70% of global arable land suffers from Pi deficiency. Thus, farmers have to apply more phosphate fertilizer to guarantee the plant growth and crop yield, which in turn also causes severe eutrophication. How to solve these problems? We first studied the mechanism of phosphorus absorption, transportation, storage and utilization by plants, and we also paid attention to the absorption and utilization of phosphorus by algae. And pay attention to the adaptive evolutionary mechanism of mineral nutrition in plants during evolution. This also provides a theoretically feasible new way for the improvement of the ecological environment and the development of green agriculture.

Research Interests:

  • Plant evolution
  • Plant phosphorus hemostasis
  • Water eutrophication treatment
  • Microalgae fertilizer


  • 2014.09 - 2020.06, PhD in Agricultural Resources and Environment, Nanjing Agricultural University
  • 2010.09 - 2014.06, BS in Biotechnology, Qinghai University